Don’t Settle for a “Canary in the Coal Mine” Approach to Cybersecurity

Canary in the Coal Mine Approach to Cybersecurity

For decades, from 1911 to the late 1980’s, canaries were used in coal mines as an early warning system of rising carbon monoxide levels. When the tiny birds became ill or died, it was an alert for miners to quickly evacuate. This method of securing the safety of miners worked fairly well, if they were vigilant about checking on the poor canary. Distractions, the tedium and exertion of the work, and failure on the part of the lookout could spell disaster. Not the most foolproof security system! With technological advancements, canaries were eventually replaced with electronic carbon monoxide sensors.

In the current era of sophisticated cybercrime, many organizations are counting on security solutions that fail to alert threats before they become serious, leading to devastating breaches. Vulnerabilities and gaps in the alert chain can leave security teams scrambling to respond in time to avert serious damage.

RevBits Endpoint Security provides fail-proof vigilance

Organizations can’t afford to put their faith in security systems that fail to catch cyber invasions at the endpoint or generate time-wasting false positives. They need a solution that automatically detects, classifies, blocks and reports exploit attempts, including Zero-days.

RevBits Endpoint Security (EDR) delivers that kind of comprehensive protection. RevBits EDR offers protection against all types of endpoint threats in any kind of network through a unique three-phased analysis conducted on all new executables. RevBits Endpoint Security can detect and block the execution of any malware, no matter how sophisticated, and save the network from costly repercussions of a breach.

Utilizing signature scanning and comparisons, machine learning verification, and behavioral analysis, the accuracy of malware detection is maximized, while false positives are minimized. To protect the network, new executables are isolated and analyzed before they are released. Layered on top of vulnerable apps and processes, EDR delivers advanced exploit detection, with a sophisticated filesystem sandboxing feature that confines any hosts that are potentially infected.

The RevBits EDR intuitive dashboard provides a clear and simple real-time view of threats through its modern web interface. Admins receive instant SMS and email notification of all incidents, and our EDR integrates seamlessly with SIEM and SOAR solutions.

RevBits EDR Benefits

  • Block malware, ransomware, fileless and memory-only attacks, and advanced Zero-day attacks
  • Collect and correlate data from all endpoint surfaces to detect, investigate, respond and eliminate threats
  • Simplify investigations with automated root cause analysis
  • Reduce the number of false-positive alerts
  • Increase efficiency by consolidating cybersecurity monitoring, management, investigation, and response across network and cloud connected endpoints
  • Protect endpoints and data assets against malicious insiders and external bad actors
  • Stop every stage of an attack by detecting indicators of compromise (IOC) and anomalous behavior as well as prioritizing analysis with incident scoring
  • Quickly recover from an attack by removing malicious files and registry keys, as well as restoring damaged files and registry keys

Where other cyber solution ‘lookouts’ fail, RevBits EDR is the super sentinel that delivers

RevBits EDR is a remote software solution that allows admins to always maintain control of endpoint protection. Investigations can be conducted from anywhere, while EDR protects every system in real-time, for 24/7/365 threat vigilance.

Hit or miss cyber security solutions can leave your organization gasping for breath in the wake of a calamitous breach. Don’t rely upon a cybersecurity ‘canary’, when you can protect your organization with the eagle eye of RevBits Endpoint Security.

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