Privileged Access Management

RevBits Privileged Access Management is a four-in-one solution that includes privileged account, password, key and certificate management, as well as extensive session logging that captures keystrokes and video. RevBits Privileged Access Management native clients are available for common operating systems.

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Four Critical Access Management Needs. One Solution.

Native Clients

Native Clients

RevBits Privileged Access Management native clients are available for all common operating systems and browsers and allow for full access to network resources with a single click. RevBits Privileged Access Management includes operating system support for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android & iOS and browser support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption

RevBits Privileged Access Management utilizes a zero-knowledge encryption model for maximum data security, where data encryption takes place on the device. The encrypted data is stored on the server and the encryption key never leaves the device. Encryption keys can be derived from user provided passwords (PBKDF) or from smart cards, HSM devices, USB keys, keyfiles and RFID/NFC tags.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption
Native Clients

Full Integration

RevBits Privileged Access Management can be integrated into different directory services including Microsoft AD, LDAP and event managements system i.e. SIEM. Additionally, for ease of integration, RevBits Privileged Access Management provides full API functionality with documentation and sample source code in all common programming languages.

Comprehensive, All-Encompassing Privileged Access Management

Complete password management solution

RevBits Privileged Access Management Password Module includes native clients for all common operating systems and browsers, saves and files all web application passwords. The Password Module also automatically provides strong password suggestions based on minimum password policies. Additionally, zero-knowledge encryption is used to ensure safety and security of user passwords.


Product Features


Hardware Tokens

Based on US Patent awarded design, extend authentication security with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), smart cards, USB tokens, Near-Field Communications (NFC) and RFID technologies.


Comprehensive Platform Coverage

Native clients are available in all major operating systems. Operating systems include Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android and browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, Edge.


Customizable Password Management

Password management supports authentication in common protocols such as web applications, SSH/RDP/VNC servers and more.


Extensive Audit Logs

All privileged sessions are video and keystroke recorded, including SSH, RDP and VNC connections.


Access Granting Workflow

Request, review and approve the workflow of granting access to critical servers within the RevBits Privileged Access Management application.


Ephemeral Passwords

Temporary, single-use passwords are generated upon request to access critical servers, eliminating the need to share actual passwords.


Complete Key Management

Generate symmetric and asymmetric keys and encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify data all in one module with comprehensive source code samples.


SSL Scanner

The SSL Scanner provides periodic updates on expiring certificates and identifies weak hashing algorithms (in certificates) and other weaknesses in SSL implementations.


Comprehensive Dashboard

The RevBits Privileged Access Management dashboard provides administrators with a complete overview of the status of passwords, privileged sessions, keys and certificates.

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